Gyms are boring.

We're different.

Look, we wouldn't want to try a new gym either

With just one glance, everyone there will know that we don't belong. Gyms have always been intimidating, awkward, stale spaces—certainly not built for people like us.


... and that's why we started our own.

A gym space for folks who want something different

Whether you feel completely overwhelmed by "gym stuff", or if you're just looking for a place that encourages rather than shames, we're here for you.

  • We're here for the intimidated.

  • We're here for the overwhelmed.

  • We're here for the nonconformist.

If you need a little accountability ... a little guidance ... a little room for exploration ... trust us—you'll fit right in.


But why, you ask? Why go through the trouble of trying a new gym? Isn't that one gym with the four-letter acronym enough?

Well, sure—if you already know what you're doing, and already have the healthy habits to fill out your routine. The real truth is simple:

We all KNOW we should exercise more.

  • We KNOW it should be possible to get out of bed without back pain.

  • We KNOW it shouldn't be so difficult to carry those groceries up the stairs.

  • We KNOW that exercise is part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

OK, but why strength training?, you're thinking. Why mess with dumbbells when you can just go on more long walks in Point Defiance?

First of all, be honest: are you really going on that many long walks?

Secondly: a long walk at Point Defiance is only one piece of the pie that doesn't come with all the strength benefits that help with things like completing a day of chores without being sore later. There is more to fitness then getting your heart rate up. We will teach you how to build strength, increase mobility and build confidence.

Strength training is about building the very core of your health


Here's the important bit: strength isn't actually about muscle definition.


Our assumption that "strength = big muscles" is a dumb side effect of gym-rat culture, reinforced by an obsession with #booty posts on Instagram.

After 6 months of proper training, you'll be a whole new person. Your looks will change a bit, sure (one of our members recently lost 39 pounds in 13 weeks)—but that's actually beside the point!

  • You'll feel more confident in a wide variety of daily activities.

  • You'll experience fewer general aches and pains.

  • You'll develop a richer understanding of your body, discover its capabilities, and heighten your confidence.

And, OK, sure—you'll get just a bit more muscle definition, too.

We make it all about you

Our trainers specifically tailor each lesson to the needs of each member. We intentionally keep class sizes small to emphasize more personalization and less competition.

We believe in crafting a community-oriented, inclusive, affirming environment for people of all shapes and sizes to pursue their own fitness journey together.

The hardest part ...

Resistance is almost certainly raising all kinds of doubts right now.

  • I'm not strong enough to go to a strength gym.

  • I'll just make a fool out of myself.

  • I never follow through on these things anyway, why bother?

To each of these doubts, we say this: right now, right where you are, you are enough. You are ready. You are capable.


You simply must choose.

Don't forget: the hardest part of any fitness routine is tying your shoes and walking out the door.

Lace up those shoes

It's time. You knew it was coming, all the way back at the top of this page. It's time to make the choice you know you should make.

It's time to decide to try something new. Something a bit nerve-wracking. Something that will make you sweat a little. Something that will change you in ways you didn't know you could.

Something that you already know, deep down, that you won't regret.

Audit a Class: FREE

Our free class audit includes:

  • Firsthand experience of a live class.

  • Zero pressure to participate.

  • Discussion of goals and fitness history.

  • Q&A with a knowledgeable coach.

Approach Series

FREE with a membership

  • 4 semi-private intro coaching sessions ($99 value)

  • Learn the essentials of strength and movement training

  • Get personalized coaching to meet your needs

  • Ongoing support from coach and community 

  • Sign up with a buddy and both receive 10% off!

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