Get to know Marissa Lyons ... An Interview with Myself...

June 1, 2017


What role do you play at Ascent Fitness?
Well, currently this is a one woman show. So I do it all: coaching, marketing, operations etc. However, I can’t wait to start hiring employees. As a manager at a previous gym, I know that working with others and being an excellent employer are very important to me and are a large motivator in starting a business.


Why are you a coach?
Simply put, physical activity has always been at the root of my happiness and I love sharing that with others. I went to school to study pre-medicine and have always had an interest in mental and physical health. Coaching allows me to use my knowledge of the human body and my passion for sports to help others. I love helping people feel better and reach their goals. It is my absolute favorite when someone comes to me because there ___ body part hurts and they can’t do the activity they love anymore, and I am able to help them get back to playing and hopefully harder than before. Creating fitness programs to balance the body is a fun puzzle to me.


What is your fitness inspiration?
I have two main sources of inspiration: ultimate Frisbee and climbing. I often tell people that I majored in Ultimate Frisbee because that’s where my heart and soul was throughout college (and often my mind). There is nothing better than giving it your all on the Frisbee field. I love the competition, athleticism, and camaraderie that go along with the sport. My other inspiration is getting outside and seeing beautiful things. I love long days of climbing and hiking where you push your limits and are surrounded by nature and your favorite people.


What is a current goal of yours?
Currently my largest goal is to start a successful fitness facility. I will know it is successful when I have created a community of people that feel motivated, prepared and supported to live their life to the fullest. I can’t wait to show people what their body is capable of. A fitness goal of mine is to do 3 pull-ups.

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