Have Your Best Summer Yet With Our 21-day Summer Reset Challenge

June 21, 2018

Happy Solstice! Today is the longest day of the year and a day that is spiritually coveted and celebrated around the world.


The summer solstice is considered a day to revel in the abundance of nature and embrace your playful side. It is a day to reflect on the year so far and your plans for the remaining months.


If you are like me and looking for some help refreshing your goals, then look no further. Here's everything you need to welcome the summer solstice — and prepare for your best summer yet!


Follow along on our 21-day Summer Reset Challenge for some simple tasks to reset your health and fitness goals. You do not need to follow these to a tee. Use it as more of a guide or template to get you started on the right path.


21 Day Summer Reset Challenge:


Day 1. Take some time to reflect on your year. What are you happy about and what would you like to change. Based on those write three goals for the month.


Day 2. Reality check: Track your daily habits; what you eat, how much you move, how long you sit or stand, what you do in the gym, how much you procrastinate or waste time, how much time you spend in flow or being productive. Get specific, get precise—it’s just one day, and you can handle it. Get a good baseline, so you know what you’re working with. Then try to improve on it every day forward (you may find that this activity may change some of your goals…that’s ok.)


Day 3 Go to the farmer’s market. Don’t just go, try to make friends with your neighbors and favorite farmer’s market vendors.


Day 4 Meal prep for the week ahead. Take an hour and get all the basics you need for the rest of the week ready to go. Roast veggies, start something in the Instant Pot, boil some eggs, prep salad makings. What you can cook ahead of time, cook ahead of time.  


Day 5 Try the fitness or movement pursuit you’ve been meaning to get to. You know, that thing you know you should be doing, like getting started at Ascent Fitness ;)! Other options could be foam rolling, walking at night, or doing a light mobility session in the morning. Just do it. Feels good, right?


Day 6 Try a new recipe. Or just cook something new freestyle, using no recipe at all.


Day 7 Take some time to meditate. If standard meditation is not your cup of tea, don’t worry there are other ways to get in a similar headspace. Try getting on or in the water by paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing or swimming. Play some music. Make some art. Do some yoga or movement flow. Take a walk outside or simply just breathe.


Day 8 Plan a camping trip for later during the month/ summer. Get your family and/or friends together, throw your gear in the car, and make a weekend of it. Leave electronics behind if you can, or at least limit artificial light after dark.


Day 9 Wake up a half hour earlier than usual (if necessary) and do some hill sprints before the weather heats up. Or some other form of high intensity cardio like jump roping, kettle bell swings or cycling.


Day 10 Climb a Tree! Or something else you used to do as a kid outside😊 (hint you can find us at Wright Park in Saturday mornings climbing trees and playing on the playground. Come find us at 9am.)


Day 11 Wake up and write down ten ideas. About anything at all. They don’t even have to be good. They just have to be on paper.


Day 12  Take three walks. One in the morning, one at lunchtime, and one after dinner.


Day 13 Try to assemble the least expensive, most nutritious day of meals you can.


Day 14 Take some time before your busy day to dream big. What’s your biggest, most ultimate dream that still has a chance of happening? Write it down; and figure out what you have to do to make it a reality.


Day 15 Read for 2 hours. A book! Not a blog, social media feeds or news sources.


Day 16 Grill some fruit in a cast iron over open flame. Look for fruit that is in season for the best taste—peaches, cherries, nectarines, berries of all kinds—grilling them over open flame also deepens the flavor! Top with unsweetened whipped cream or yogurt (you don’t need the sugar).


Day 17 Have a glass of good wine with someone close to you. Friend, spouse, child (if of age).


Day 18 Pickle something. It is easier than you think to make your own fermented food. Mix 50 grams salt with a liter of quality water, pour over garlic/hot peppers/shallots/pretty much anything you can stuff in a jar until submerged, place something on top to keep everything submerged (a roof of carrots wedged against the sides of the jar works well), lightly cover, and wait for the bubbles to start. When you like the taste, you’re done and can refrigerate the jar.


Day 19 Run an errand without your car. Use your feet, bike, scooter etc to go get some groceries or drop off the mail.


Day 20 If you have any nagging health concerns you’ve been worrying about, make an appointment with a medical professional to get them checked out. Eating, exercising, and living well can transform our health, but we’re not invincible.


Day 21 Take one action towards that big dream you wrote down on day 14. Then reflect on what you have learned in the last 21 days and show gratitude for what have you experienced.


Have fun and share your process on social media with #ascentsummerchallenge

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