2909 S 12th Street

Tacoma, WA 98405




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Allie Jo, Essentials Member

"I came to Ascent to get in shape for my wedding, but I got so much more in return. The coaches listened to my fitness goals and tailored the work outs to perfectly fit me while simultaneously challenging me. I noticed after just two weeks of training my energy increased, my constant headaches subsided, and I became noticeably stronger."

Jes, Essentials Member

I've been working out at Ascent Fitness for a couple of months now, and it is always something I look forward to throughout the week.  As someone with almost no guided workout experience and a long way to go to get physically fit I was extremely nervous to get started, but that feeling faded immediately after my first visit.  
There is a real focus on community and positivity at this gym. All members are kind, not at all judgmental, and very supportive of one another. The coaches are also wonderful and consistently push you to challenge what you think your body is capable of, and will be genuinely excited for you when you accomplish something new.

Matt, Guided Coaching

"Marissa tailors her approach to training to meet your specific goals. With her immense knowledge she created a great training plan that provided both climbing specific exercises and diverse general fitness exercises to get me in shape for outdoor climbing season."

What our Members Say

Kelsey, Essentials Member

I care more about my health and fitness than I have in a long time! Before joining Ascent I often felt confused or overwhelmed by my goals as I attempted to make my own plans and follow you tube videos. At Ascent, I go to classes where I can actually interact with other people and get coaching and support to help me do the workouts correctly and modified if necessary. I feel connected to a fun and healthy community, I feel stronger in my arms and core, and I feel more confident all around.

Grace, Essentials Member + Guided Coaching

I have been a member for years of various gyms, Pilates & barre studios, and I finally feel like my issues are being addressed instead of just being noted of and nothing happening. I went down the stairs this morning with no pain by being very intentional with each step.  That's all because of the strength and mobility I have gained in classes. I appreciate the coaches and love the gym!

Alayna, Essentials Member

I love going to Ascent Fitness! I've been a member for a couple of months now and I particularly love how varied, fun, and challenging the workouts are in a very manageable amount of time. When I've belonged to other gyms in the past, I've typically done my own thing and gotten bored/ in a rut pretty quickly and not really experienced much progress. Ascent Fitness workouts are so much more targeted, and I'm feeling way stronger and more full-body fit. I've also seen improvements in my stability and range of motion and am super pleased to feel like I'm improving my athleticism.