Kam He/Him
Kam He/Him
Movement Achievements & Highlights

D1 Collegiate Rower for Washington State University

Backpacked 14.5 miles in one go

Overcame top surgery recovery and regained the courage to love myself



Bachelor's in Kinesiology, Level 2 Rowing Coach

Coach, Member Support

Kam He/Him

About Kam

Loves to hike, swim, stretch, adventure, play and overall connect with others in movement. Kam joined the team as an experienced collegiate rower and dedicated rowing coach. He also had a 5-year role as a chiropractic office assistant before switching to full time coaching at Ascent. Merging his movement expertise and passion for holistic well-being, he now guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, emphasizing connection, compassion, and mindful movement. His mission is to empower others to tap into their full potential through a mindful approach to movement and well-being!


Growing up, I swam, ran track and field, and loved playing outside. When I went to college I learned to row and earned a scholarship and a spot in the varsity boat at the national championships for 4 years. Post college I coached rowing from middle/high school, D3 college and adults/masters programs for about 5 years, here and abroad in Australia. I also worked in a local Tacoma Chiropractic office for 5 years as a doctors assistant.

I went from an intense movement structure with the demand of rowing, to breaking down the need for such intensity, with questions like, what feels good to me? And how can I help others learn to listen and be in tune with their bodies? Given my history and knowledge of human movement, I hope to help others discover themselves through connection, compassion and feel that they already have access to so much power and strength within.

Motivation & Passion

I am motivated by folks who want to try something new and learn more about themselves. Trans folks who want to rediscover what their bodies can do. Athletes who want to be pushed, but in a more gentle and kind way. People who want to learn to row, or already love rowing! Queer friends looking for community. I enjoy getting to know you, and we can move our bodies in the process together.