Katie she/her
Katie she/her

Movement Achievements/ Highlights

Deadlift PR of 200lbs (and counting)

Rewarding hikes completed: Kalalau Trail, Mt. St. Helens summit, Maple Pass, Marmot Pass, Dog Mountain

Survived nearly 2 years of parenting  



NASM Certified Personal Trainer

GGS Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach

BA in Recreation & Communication

Co-owner, Membership Joy Officer

Katie she/her


I'm a Tacoma kid! I attended Stadium HS and played sports throughout my childhood. I went to Western Washington University and studied Community Recreation & Communication. After 10+ years living in Seattle and Portland working for various municipal Parks & Recreation departments, I found my way back to Tacoma. My wife and I purchased a home and I settled into a new career in Real Estate. But, I missed coaching and working with people in a recreational setting. When the opportunity to join the Ascent team presented itself, I jumped in headfirst. I started as a coach, then became Manager of Operations and finally a Co-Owner in 2023.

Turning Point

September 2020 was my turning point. Like many, I struggled through the first six months of the pandemic, self medicating and suffering through our new way of life. It took hitting rock bottom to trigger a change though, and I focused on my physical and mental health by becoming sober, moving to a vegan diet, and opening myself up to healing past traumas through mindfulness. I also went back to school, something I never thought I would do - I wanted to help others on their mindfulness journey also.

Passion and motivation

I love helping people. That moment when a movement just clicks for someone or they do something they didn't think was possible is so rewarding to be a part of. As an owner, I don't get to coach as much anymore, so when I do, it's extra special to be in community with folks as they move with joy. As a parent to a toddler, i'm also passionate about ensuring that the next generation has positive examples of fitness and body autonomy. I love that my son will grow up having Ascent as his example.