Luca She/they
Luca She/they
Movement Achievements & Highlights

Finding the courage to join the H.S. cross country team

Running my first half marathon

Earning 1st place at the 2010 Ulitmate frisbee D3 Nationals tournament with her team, PLU Reign

Climbing the Grand Teton

Returning to running after years of sport injuries

Skiing Mt Baker



NASM certified trainer

Movnat Level 2

OPEX Coaching and Programming mentorship

Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology

10+ years of coaching experience

Founder, Programming and Coach Development

Luca She/they

About Luca

Luca loves movement that is varied, challenging, and invites play. This is no surprise as her coaching career started as an Ultimate frisbee and Climbing coach. Her personal training career started in 2013 where she worked primarily with larger bodied women to find success in climbing, a sport that previously seemed inaccessible to them. In 2017 she started Ascent Fitness to provide a safe space to train and move for joy. She now spends most of her time helping coaches grow and programming fun and challenging workouts that are scalable to a variety of skills and interests.


There is not one aspect of my life that I can point to that led to me starting Ascent Fitness. My experiences with movement and sports, relationships with teammates and coaches, and sense of belonging (or lack of) in fitness spaces have led me to a coaching career focused on helping more bodies find joy in movement. Movement, sports and exercise have been foundational in my life and essential to my happiness. Throughout my life I have participated in many sports and activities including softball, skiing, ultimate frisbee, climbing, running and really anything that gets me moving outside and in community. These activities have brought me great joy, and also hurt as I experienced and observed the exclusionary practices that happen in many sport and fitness spaces.

It is now my mission to create an empowering space for people often left out of fitness spaces, and to help more people find joy in movement.