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November 22, 2023

A Message of Reflection and Self-Care during global hardship

Dear Ascent Family,

It has been over a month since the escalation of violence in Gaza began, and we have been reflecting on how to address this situation with you, our valued community. We recognize the complexity of the issues at hand and acknowledge that we cannot fully comprehend the generational intricacies that have led to this conflict.

As humans with shared experiences of identity, history, and the complexities of life, we empathize with the people trapped in Gaza, the families who have been enduring conflict for generations, and all communities affected by violence. We also acknowledge the impact of our country's position in the war on our collective sense of safety, especially as we witness events like the censorship of congressional leaders, protests, and more. 

Moreover, during this Thanksgiving season, we are further reminded of our own historical complexities, including land rights and generational violence. And our own need for safety as we approach coming gatherings and reminders of current and past trauma.

Self Care is Collective Care

Whether or not you consciously acknowledge it, exposure to headlines, social media posts, and conversations (or avoidance of), influence your sense of safety. Thus, it's crucial to recognize and honor the sensations in your body that arise in response to these stimuli. 

It is only when we honor our own needs that we can truly care and support others. 

We encourage you to take a moment to ground yourself in the present. If you find yourself in a safe space, perform a head-to-toe scan, identifying areas of heaviness, lack of sensation, or a desire to move or be still. Respond to what your body is asking for—tense your fists, exhale, lay down, or take any action that aligns with your current needs.

Being aware of our bodies allows us to make authentic decisions. Connecting with our sense of safety. Setting boundaries is essential before we can collectively move forward. You may find that you have the capacity to speak out, support and give to others. Or you may find a need to engage in self-soothing activities, movement, or community connection. With practice you may find yourself able to toggle between action and self care as needed.

The practice of honoring and trusting ourselves extends beyond challenging times and can be incorporated into everyday life, even at the gym. Take a moment to warm up to the space around you and check in with your present self. Identify what movements feel good or not, and practice honoring your needs—even if it challenges the status quo or goes against the suggestions of others. It takes courage, and it's okay to start with something small.

Our vision is to empower all humans to move with mindful joy—this is mindfulness in action. Let's continue to navigate these challenging times with compassion, self-awareness, and a commitment to our well-being.

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