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December 2, 2020

How to motivate your self to workout

Feel like working out? No? Me neither!

I’ve been in the fitness and recreation industry for a long time and I can tell you something that I believe is a universal truth: people often don’t feel like working out!

Sometimes we don’t feel like working out because we simply need a rest day! And if you know me, I’m going to always be the first person to tell you to honor your body and take that rest day.

The problem is when the lack of motivation to workout continues for days, weeks, months! Here we are in the 8th month of this pandemic and I know a lot of us have lost the motivation to workout. So here is what I know helps:

  1. Know your “why.” I talk about this one a lot. If we don’t value the reason we are working out in the first place it's never going to stick.
  1. Make it fun! Moving should be fun. Sometimes when I’m having a hard time motivating myself to do a workout I’ll stick on a favorite song and dance around for a bit. Sometimes the workout ends up just being me dancing, but often just moving my body with joy makes me crave more movement and I’ll have the motivation to start my planned workout.
  1. Have a plan that is efficient and effective. You're gonna stop working out if it's not working for you or if you feel like the amount of time you are putting into it is outweighing the benefits. Have a workout plan that leaves you feeling good not worn out and injured. 
  1. Low your expectations and meet them: seriously if you are struggling to get yourself to workout lower those lofty goals to something you can achieve and do it. Also make sure your goals and expectations line up with your “why.” 

Let us know if this helps! Our coaches are here to help you get in touch with your authentic “why”, to plan effective and fun workouts (so you don’t have to) and remind you when you are doing awesome!

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