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April 29, 2020

Exercise Should Not Be Punishment

“My sport is your sports punishment” I read on someone's shirt when I lined up to run a race a few years ago. I had a giggle to myself and thought about how sadly true this statement was. 

Now I walk outside and see all sorts of people running and I often wonder to myself are they running because they want to or because they are punishing themselves.

As adults so many of us associate various forms of exercise or exercise in general with punishment even if we aren’t consciously doing it as punishment. We do it to change who we are, and to achieve ideals that society, family, or a doctor have placed on us. This sentiment is not only true to running; It’s also true to bootcamp and crossfit and yoga. Does it mean these things are bad? Absolutely not! Can you find enjoyment, empowerment, and liberation in these activities? Yes, but it may take work and some honest looks into your “Why”?

At Ascent it is our goal to help people find movements that do feel good to them! It is important to respect your body to appreciate challenge and effort. It is not important to change who you are.

Here is an exercise to try. It’s called the 5 Whys?

The next time you think: “I should be doing ________ (exercise)” Go down the path of Whys. Try to get to the bottom of the reason and confront it. This exercise may bring up uncomfortable feelings. So be sure to give yourself grace and permission to sit with whatever answer you come to. If you come to a “why” that feels like a resonate Yes, then awesome you have your answer. If you come to a why that doesn’t feel true to you then reconsider your original question and give yourself permission to not exercise!

5 Whys exercise...

I should __________(insert form of exercise)



Why (is that important)?

Because _____________________


Because _____________________

Why (does that matter)?

Because _____________________



Is the bottom line something you value? Does the first line actually help with the bottom line? 

If the answer is no then give yourself permission to not do it! Your time is worth doing things you value and enjoy!

If you want help with this activity schedule a No Sweat Intro with one of our fitness mentors. We are currently offering remote personalized and group coaching!

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