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July 15, 2020

Music & Movement

When I think about my life music has always played a role in finding movement. As a little kid, my parents would play music so loud and dance around as they cleaned. To this day when I hear Earth, WInd & Fire, or Micheal Jackson I get the subtle urge to clean. Although I don’t have any formal training in dance I spent lots of time making up dances to songs as a kid with all my friends and re-creating music videos in my room with them. Growing up I was bullied for being a big kid but I knew even on the hardest days I had music to comfort me and get me out of funks. This is also why I’m so good at remembering lyrics and creating playlists because I spent so much time trying to escape via the music I consumed.

Most people wouldn’t say it is a surprise but music got me into the movement/fitness world. When I first started working out I tried out EVERY class and then one day I walked into a Mixxedfit Class. This class was different! The instructors were warm, the participants were all shapes and sizes, the music was upbeat and current and I was hooked immediately. This was the first time in a gym setting where I felt like I belonged! 

Dance Fitness was my life for a very long time. I was teaching one class a week, then two, and up to four a week at one point. I loved it but it took a toll on my body and my mental health. The places I worked were steeped in diet culture and to no fault of their own so were the participants who came to the class. They always wanted to do more, burn more, and lose weight. It eventually took a toll on me and I started to lower the number of times I taught and eventually stopped altogether.

When COVID Started @nurture_Your_Strength asked me if I would be down to teach a dance class. I thought really hard about it because of my previous experience but I said yes. The class ‘Dance and Stretch’ has truly been my favorite way to move all of COVID and as an instructor in general I have changed so teaching is different. I give myself permission to mess up, get silly and the best part is I return to my child-like self and sing like I’m in a video to everyone in the “do whatever you want” songs on the playlist.

This week I have an injury so there is no class tonight. I’m bummed but I’m here with a challenge! Below you'll find 3 playlists I curated.

I want you to pick one (or your own) and dance like nobody's watching and I truly mean like nobody's watching! Get silly, dance with a partner, dance outside, in the car or at a grocery store.

If you’re feeling up to I would also love to see a clip of it! Just tag on instagram in your insta story or feed! :) 

Happy Dancing!

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