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March 24, 2023

We are Moving!

That’s right, this April, Ascent will be moving into a larger space with room for more classes, courses and events!

This new space matches our vision of having a body positive wellness space with room for our classic Empower classes, personal training and specialty groups as well as office space for other body positive providers including Posture Therapy, physical therapy, massage, and nutrition.  In classic Ascent fashion, we are all bursting at the seams with new ideas including dance parties, climbing walls, small group classes, and after class barbecues. While not all these dreams will be implemented (at least right away) we are very excited about the expanded possibilities for joyful movement.

In addition to the expanded programming opportunities, there will also be facility upgrades including dedicated parking for cars and bikes, garage doors that open for outdoor class space, a shower, and a separate studio for personal training and yoga. (See photos below for some mock ups of the new space. )

With any great change can also come some hard goodbyes. We truly love our current space and love being in the middle of the vibrant hilltop area.  We will miss our neighbors and know that this move will come with some sad changes such as less walkability. We hope that the opportunities in the new space will make up for our losses and give us the needed space to better accommodate our growing membership and community. The new location is centrally located at 3914 Center Street, across from the Oakland-Madrona Park.

This move would never have been possible without all our supportive members and awesome team of coaches supporting our mission to Empower folks of all bodies to move for joy. Thanks again for coming along with us on this journey.

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