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September 1, 2021

Why Run?

Why Run?

My answer to that changes based on the season, my personal goals and feelings.

For me running is freedom, it is a challenge, and a place of joy! Running is a way to build my cardiovascular system, a way to spend time with friends, a place to be by myself, and a way to adventure.

Many people tell me they don’t like running when I first meet them and I get it. I haven't always liked running or considered myself a runner.  In fact, I spent most of my childhood intentionally playing sports with as little running as possible.

Running isn’t for everyone, but I believe many people would like running with a little practice in a supportive environment. 

My senior year of high school I finally got the courage to join the cross country team with the encouragement of a friend. I had been fascinated by running for a few years and started doing it on my own and with a couple other nerdy friends, but I didn’t think I was good enough for the team. 

I remember on the first day we did a 3/4mile jog to “warm-up.” I remember thinking. “That was the warm up? I’m tired already!”

 Lucky for me our cross country team was a supportive environment with lots of room to grow at your own pace. I quickly made friends who I could keep pace with and went from being able to run a mile to running a half marathon 4 months later. 

On the team I learned how to vary my training schedule to keep it interesting and to change up the demand on my body. I learned that walking and resting are an important part of the training process. And ultimately, that for me, running is a part of who I am!

In our upcoming fall course I hope we can be your supportive cross country team. Where you can grow as a mover and find your joy in running!

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