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August 26, 2020

Simple care tips I’ve learned from my dog

  1. If you are tired - take a nap. For humans, the general recommendation is 20 minutes for a power nap.
  2. Start and finish your day with a walk. Our morning and evening walks have been such a great way to keep me active and help me transition my time. In the morning it gets the blood flowing to start my day and in the evening it helps me unwind from work.
  3. Don’t forget to drink water. Shasta is so good at getting up and drinking water! Her slurping from her bowl is always a good reminder for me to have a glass of water too.
  4. Spend more time outside. If given the choice Shasta will always choose to sit or lay outside. The fresh breeze feels nice among many other benefits of being in nature! Plus recent research points to the outdoors being the safest place to be with others during this pandemic with as much of a 20x reduction in transmission.
  5. Stay connected with Physical touch. Shasta loves a good pet and if she hasn’t seen us for a while she will come into whatever room we are in to get her ears scratched. Physical touch can provide a sense of connection and safety. Before this pandemic caused widespread social distancing many Americans were already suffering from loneliness and a lack of connection and this has only escalated. The good news is touch is now a pretty low risk factor for the spread of Covid so put your mask on and give your friend a hug or a pat on the back (with consent of course).

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