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October 1, 2019

What is Fitness Tutoring?

You are probably familiar with Tutors from your academic days. They were someone you could meet with to help you with a problem or subject you were struggling with.

If you are like me, you might look back on your college or high school days and wonder why you didn’t use the tutoring services more often. There was a crew of people available more advanced in the subjects I was struggling with. I’m sure there were people there who would have saved me hours of headache doing calculus homework, people who could edit my papers, and help me decipher the text of my religion courses.

But in those days I was a prideful young-un who didn’t think I needed help. Now I seek mentors and tutors out every chance I get!

At Ascent we call our personal training program tutoring because we see these private and small group sessions as an opportunity to tailor the training programs for our members and help them get the most out of their fitness program. We want to help members through whatever humps they are experiencing! Tutoring is not just a private session of a generic workout!

Ascent Tutors can help students get through a specific movement, drill, injury or nutrition problem. They can teach advanced and more challenging movements. And they can help you form new goals to keep your practice fun and interesting.

Why might you need tutoring?

As we learn and train new doors open and so do new hurdles. Our group classes provide a well rounded practice of strength and movement, but sometimes people need extra help or want more advanced work. Maybe you couldn’t do a push up before but now you are starting to experience shoulder pain. Maybe you couldn’t vault before, but now you want to advance your vaulting technique. Maybe you feel stronger and more capable but still want to improve your health or performance through nutrition.

Whatever it is, our Ascent tutors can work with you to get through your challenges, advance your practice, and increase the benefits of fitness.

Schedule a strategy session now! If you are already a member, talk to your coach about scheduling your free quarterly session.

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