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July 12, 2022

An open letter to our Ascent Family

Dear Ascent Family,

I'm sure many of you have heard about the devastating loss of a young life in our neighborhood last week.

This brings me great sadness for the family, the Hilltop neighborhood and everyone in our community connected to this young girl. Further, it brings me anger at all the unnecessary deaths in our neighborhood, city and country by gun.

I am committed to the Hilltop community and stand by efforts to make our neighborhood what its residents and businesses want it to be. And, as a member of this community, I fear our city’s response to the recent increases in crime based on historical injustices.

Because of this I think it is important to share our stance and intended actions:

We stand in grief with our community and neighborhood.

We stand in supporting the Hilltop community and Tacoma in being the vibrant and safe community it deserves to be.

We stand in holding our leaders accountable.

We invite you to join members of the Ascent team in attending the Tacoma City Council Study session on July 12th to learn more about our city's efforts to improve safety in Tacoma.

In support of Iyana and her family, we are sharing the GoFundMe page for her memorial service here.

In Community,

Marissa and the Ascent Team

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