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August 5, 2020

Let’s get real...

It is not easy for me to ask for help. I’m not sure what the right word is: proud, brainwashed by capitalism, embarrassed, I’m not sure it matters. Ascent needs your help!

I invested into Ascent as part of a dream of making a positive impact on the fitness industry by empowering others to discover joyful movement; I believed that if I successfully did this my business would financially support me and a full team of coaches. No part of running a small business has been easy. To be honest that was part of the appeal to me - I love a good challenge!

It’s been 4.5 months since we first closed our doors to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. Since then we have evolved and adapted in all sorts of ways using all the financial and creative tools we have got. 

Thanks to the members who have stuck with us (and joined us) we have been able to maintain payroll for our coaches and pay our bills up to this point.

I don’t believe any of us were able to fully imagine how long lasting this pandemic was going to be. That reality has finally hit.

We fully support folks' decisions not to come back to the gym right now! We know this is the safer option for most people. To support this decision we are excited to be offering a new tailored online coaching program! With this addition you can now workout at the gym, in the park, at home or any combination of these with an Ascent membership (see details below).

Even if our offerings won’t work for you right now we would like you to consider reinstating or holding on to your membership to help sustain us through. Or you can support us with a one-time donation to our Scholarship Fund to help support our sliding scale memberships.

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