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April 22, 2020

How to go Forest Bathing

If you are like me you are starting to feel antsy for an adventure! Maybe you feel trapped in your house, bored of walks in the neighborhood, or anxious to get out in the mountains for a challenge or a greater view. These for sure are all real feelings that many of us are dealing with, but while we don’t have access to an adventure - we do still have access to nature. 

Maybe I don’t need an adventure, but to slow down and take in the healing powers of Nature. I wrote a post several months back on the power of forest bathing. And this feels more relevant than ever!

How to go Forest bathing.

Find a Thicket of Trees. Some great local options are Point defiance, Puget Park, Swan Creek, Dash Point, Chambers Creek, and Capital Forest.

Obviously maintain social distancing. Covid 19 aside try wandering away from the main trails and other people.

Dress comfortably- bring layers so you are not distracted by the temperature or weather

Leave the electronics behind - seriously take a break from the screens. No need to take a selfie about this one.

Don’t run or even hike. The goal is to meander slowly.

Stop often and look up. Gaze like you would into the night sky.

Engage your senses. How does it smell, taste, feel?

Let us know how it goes!

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